Kansas Restorative Schools Network

In conjunction with the Restorative Schools Initiative, the KSRN supports collaboration, mutual learning communities, and resourcing for continued education and training for educational personnel implementing restorative approaches in their schools in Kansas.

This page contains the 2023-24 Educator Contact List and select resources. For additional resources on theory, implementation, books for students on RP themes, or to explore training opportunities for yourself and/or school, email kipcor@bethelks.edu or call (316) 284-5217.

2023-24 Educator Contact List

The Kansas Restorative Schools Network (KRSN) Educator Contact List is one way for you to connect restorative school practitioners around the state, including those within your own school district and those working in similar educational contexts. Click the button below to be included on the 2023-24 Educator Contact List. We will reach out by email to those who have signed up and will updated the contact list as needed throughout the year.

Restorative Resources for Educators

RSI Padlet Resources

We are continually curating restorative resources for schools using the Padlet platform, an online “bulletin board” for organizing digital content.

Upcoming Trainings

Upcoming Conferences

Whole-School Implementation Models

Online Resources & Institutions

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