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What We Do

KIPCOR staff, contractors, and senior associates are all practitioners with expertise in a variety of facilitated processes. While we primarily specialize in process design for conflict transformation and dialogue facilitation, most of our work is highly customizable.

If you are unsure of your specific needs but are curious about our services, please fill out our contact form to schedule a preliminary consultation and find out more about our work and how we might support your needs.

Here are some examples of KIPCOR’s work and focus areas in recent years:

Mediation and/or Conflict Transformation:

  • We provide mediation and/or customized conflict transformation processes and interventions.

Restorative Justice / Restorative Practices

  • We provide restorative circle processes for listening, group reflection, and harm repair.

Congregational Health:

  • Problem-Solving and Intervention
    • Some congregations find themselves stalled in indecision or embroiled in disagreements. We are available to work with you to design a process that will help people listen and understand one another and identify steps to move forward to aid the healing process, build trust, and recover the church’s sense of mission.
  • Training & Education
    • We offer congregations – lay leadership, members, pastors – and denominational leaders an array of educational opportunities to increase their capacity for change management and transformation of difference and disagreement into spiritual and community renewal. 

Public Policy & Group Decision-making:

  • Problem-Solving and Intervention
    • We design collaborative processes to mitigate, resolve, and develop consensus in disputes involving governmental entities. This work can include structuring effective public participation in policy development, consulting with public and private institutions on the resolution of public disputes, facilitating and documenting public meeting proceedings professionally, or providing innovative and practical proposals for the joint management of resources.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: