Bethel College Community

From roommate mediation to a peace oratory contest and internships, KIPCOR offers a variety of opportunities and services for Bethel College students.

Student Opportunities & Services

KIPCOR also works closely with Student Life and other campus departments to enhance Bethel’s peacebuilding capacity. KIPCOR staff also teach conflict resolution courses that are integral to the Bethel College Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies (PJCS) minor. Many KIPCOR courses fulfill Bethel’s PJCS General Education requirement.

Striving to help develop a tradition of civil discourse on campus, KIPCOR has facilitated numerous campus-wide discussions and student forums on topical or controversial issues, including student discipline, campus food service, sexual harassment and safety, student life contracts, campus alcohol/drug policies, and campus textbook services.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services

Where can you go?
…when you can’t work it out with your roommate?
…when you’re being intimidated or bullied by someone?
…when you need help with a difficult conversation?
…when you can’t talk to Student Life?

Bethel College’s Student Life office is your first avenue for help and resources to work through difficult interpersonal issues that may arise while you are part of the college community. If for some reason you feel you cannot approach Student Life with your particular concern, KIPCOR (located at Kaufman House just south of the campus green) is an additional resource for you.

Getting Help from KIPCOR

  • Request that your RA or RD refer you to KIPCOR’s Community Mediation Center (CMC) – or call us directly.
  • CMC manager Barbara Schmidt will arrange for someone to discuss your concern with you.
  • There is no fee.
  • Your case will be handled with confidentiality.