Mediation, Dialogue & Conflict Skills

In a world of polarized perspectives, tension, and disagreement, processes and skills to aid in communication, civil dialogue, and conflict resolution are desperately needed. KIPCOR specializes in these processes and skills.

Through a wide variety of workshop trainings, multiple-day courses, and tailored sessions, KIPCOR can help you and your organization or community improve in these processes and skills.

KIPCOR also recognizes that conflict is a regular part of life. When conflict becomes unmanageable or just too tricky for you to navigate on your own, KIPCOR is ready to assist through our staff and associates, and our related training and coaching sessions.

If you’re looking for classes or trainings, check out our Training Calendar and the Conflict Resolution Certificate for more skills-based experiences.

Contact us to explore ways we can partner with you to enhance your skills in dialogue, mediation, or facilitation for those tense and challenging situations we all face.