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Conflict Resolution Certificate

The Certificate in Conflict Resolution is a skills-based certificate emphasizing active, hands-on and experiential learning that allows application of theory to practice.

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Mediation, Dialogue & Conflict Skills

In a world of polarized perspectives, tension, and disagreement, processes and skills to aid in communication, civil dialogue, and conflict resolution are desperately needed. KIPCOR specializes in these processes and skills.

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Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice values and principles are applicable in response to harm as well as in its prevention and cessation through relational community building and problem solving.

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Young Peacebuilders

For 16 years, KIPCOR has designed and facilitated the peacebuilding curriculum in McPherson and Hutchinson, KS as part of the Ulster Project, a program bringing Catholic and Protestant youth together from Northern Ireland and the U.S.

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