KIPCOR Shorts 2022

Approved for 6 hours of CDREs, including 2 hours of DV  Approved for 6 hours of CEUs Approved for 6 hours of CLEs Register here.

Culture, Gender and Power in Conflict – Spring 2023

Kaufman House 2515 College Ave., North Newton, KS

This course will: •  Explore the literature, theory, and major issues important to analyzing culture, gender, power, and conflict, •  Recognize and assess the primary markers of culture and their impact on intercultural conflict, •  Analyze specific examples of intercultural conflict in selected case studies/scenarios •  Improve personal intercultural fluency and conflict management competence through […]

HOPE Spring Session 2023 – Virtual (Zoom)

Virtual (Online) Event No street address, North Newton, KS

HOPE consists of five interactive, skill-building, educational classes designed to reduce the negative impact of divorce or separation conflict on children by helping parents learn healthy habits for more positive co-parenting. * Understand your child’s right and need to love both parents * Focus on your child’s needs instead of your own desires * Recognize relationship transitions * Develop […]