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Conflict Resolution Certificate – NEW

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction, at home and at work. Managing conflict in healthy and productive ways is a valuable skill almost anyone can learn. Workplaces, the criminal justice system, the government, public agencies, health-care institutions, churches and schools all need effective, long-term strategies for resolving conflict. Not surprisingly, conflict resolution credentials impress employers.

KIPCOR, in association with Bethel College, offers the Certificate in Conflict Resolution. This skills-based certificate emphasizes active, hands-on, and experiential learning that allows application of theory to practice.

The Certificate is available to both traditional undergraduate students at Bethel College, as well as non-traditional students and working professionals who wish to further their conflict resolution skill sets.

Courses for the certificate are taught by KIPCOR staff and outside practitioners and experts. Many courses are “intensives” – taught in 3-4 hour blocks over the course of several days or weeks – to allow candidates to complete certificate courses without major interruptions to busy schedules. In recent years, KIPCOR has also shifted to teaching many of our trainings on Zoom, to allow candidates from across the state and around the country to participate fully. 

See the document below for more information on certificate courses, requirements, and fees: