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HOPE Fall Session 2019

5:30 pm

HOPE consists of five interactive, skill-building, educational classes designed to reduce the negative impact of divorce or separation conflict on children by helping parents learn healthy habits for more positive co-parenting. * Understand your child’s right and need to love both parents * Focus on your child’s needs instead of your own desires * Recognize relationship transitions * Develop […]

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04 - 05

Advanced Restorative Schools Training – Repairing Harm

8:00 am

Many schools have begun implementing restorative practices as a foundation for a positive school climate and community-building. Successfully implementing the values of restorative justice beyond Tier 1 in situations of harm and severe conflict (often seen at MTSS/PBIS Tier 2 and 3) entails a further set of skills. This training will provide participants the opportunity […]

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KIPCOR Shorts 2019

8:30 am

“KIPCOR Shorts” is a new design of our signature annual CME/CEU Shorts Day. We explore critical professional practice issues in mediation and conflict resolution. The training day is prepared for mediators and those interested in conflict resolution-related practices. This year we will host short talks (Ignite or PechaKucha style) on conflict resolution from practitioners and […]

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06 - 17

Practical Skills for Managing Group and Organizational Conflict – January 2020

9:00 am

Conflict within organizations, from workgroups to whole organizations and communities, can be a critical drain on resources or a major source of growth and creativity. This course focuses on the dynamics of groups and organizations of all sizes, models of both inter- and intra-group conflict and practical intervention techniques. Topics include designing and managing effective […]

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06 - 17

Culture, Gender, and Power in Conflict – January 2020

1:00 pm

Explore the myriad ways that culture, gender, and power differences create conflict and also complicate the understanding and management of conflict. Particular attention will be given to: Culture/gender markers and value patterns, Culture/gender conflict norms, Conflict processing differences across culture/gender , and Ingroup/outgroup power dynamics and conflict. Films and role-plays will be used extensively to […]

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