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Community Discussion of Kansas Stories of the Vietnam War

6:00 pm

To commemorate 50 years since the escalation of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, Humanities Kansas is launching a multidimensional, statewide oral history project in partnership with the Library of Congress. Through oral histories and memoir, stories will be collected of Kansans as they share their experiences, both at home and abroad. At the end […]

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HOPE Fall Session 2018

5:30 pm

HOPE consists of four interactive, skill-building, educational classes designed to reduce the negative impact of divorce or separation conflict on children by helping parents learn healthy habits for more positive co-parenting. * Understand your child’s right and need to love both parents * Focus on your child’s needs instead of your own desires * Recognize relationship transitions * Develop […]

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27 - 28

Implementing Restorative Practices in Kansas Schools

8:30 am

Blending theory, strategy, and best practice from successful restorative practice programs, this course will give teachers, counselors, and administrators the technical proficiency in circle and conferencing models for successful use across the spectrum of behavior management needs. In this highly interactive training, you will learn: Specific steps/tips for getting restorative practices started in your class […]

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29 - 31

Domestic Mediation Training

8:00 am

This training focuses on application of the mediation process to situations involving divorced or separating parents who cannot agree on issues related to child custody and parenting. Topics include… Divorce as family reorganization Impact of divorce on children Developmentally appropriate parenting plans Working with high conflict families Assessing for domestic violence and abuse Kansas divorce […]

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CME/CEU Shorts 2018

8:30 am

Join KIPCOR for our signature annual CME/CEU Shorts Day. We explore critical professional practice issues in mediation and conflict resolution. The training day is prepared for mediators and those interested in conflict resolution-related practices. This year’s topics will include mental health, trauma, and culture as they affect mediation. Will be approved for 6 hours of […]

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08 - 11

Practical Skills for Managing Interpersonal Conflict (Core Mediation)

8:30 am

This unique and highly interactive training will… Equip participants with practical skills for managing interpersonal difference and disagreement. Address the impact of personal style, culture, and power on conflict. Provide technical proficiency in structured-dialogue and mediation techniques. Benefit both potential mediators and others interested in developing better skills for handling the difficult conversations we all […]

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