KIPCOR faculty serve as advisors and mentors for students working on internship/research projects required for the Conflict Resolution Certification and the Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution minor. In addition, qualified students have served as interns at KIPCOR, assisting with both substantive training and intervention projects.

KIPCOR works with students to develop internships that provide opportunities to work as a team member in actual conflict management or peacebuilding situations. With the help of KIPCOR staff, students can develop a placement that matches their major of primary area of professional or personal interest. Past internship placements have included:

  • Conflict resolution training and intervention, Guatemala
  • The Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, Washington, D.C.
  • A prosecuting attorney’s office
  • Juvenile dependency mediation (placing children in need of care)
  • Conflict resolution resourcing for a city manager
  • An urban community mediation center
  • An anger management program in a rural school
  • Victim/offender mediation programs
  • A leadership training firm, specializing in personality-based communication
  • A church congregation working to heal long-standing divisions



  • "I feel like through my internship I was on the cutting edge. I was placed with a pilot program doing child welfare mediations. This was the first program like it in the state. The internship really helped prepare me for my current job and the direction my field was taking."
    - Emily Smith, Conflict Resolution Certificate intern
  • "Working with and observing the county attorney gave me a glimpse of the grey reality of our criminal-justice system."
    - Aziza Hasan, Conflict Resolution Certificate intern
  • "The mediation and conflict resolution skills that I learned during my internship have shaped my response to conflict at work. ...I try to look for creative solutions to conflicts that arise, while seeking to uncover the underlying needs of the parties involved in a disagreement."
    - Lisa Kaufman, Conflict Resolution Certificate intern
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