The Great Plains Consensus Council believes considerations such as representation at the negotiating table, clarification of the issues, documentation, procedural rules and neutral facilitation affect the development of public policy solutions acceptable to all stakeholders.

The Great Plains Consensus Council will:

  • Design collaborative processes to mitigate, resolve, and develop consensus in disputes involving a governmental entity.
  • Structure effective public participation in policy development.
  • Consult with public and private institutions on the resolution of public disputes.
  • Facilitate and document public meeting proceedings professionally.
  • Provide innovative and practical proposals for the joint management of resources.



  • "I am certain that your facilitation of the process was the major reason that an agreement was able to be reached."
    - a city clerk
  • "Thank you so much for your expertise in helping us reach an agreement. I have been hearing positive comments already in the community about the agreement."
    - the mayor of a small community
  • "The disputing parties went about solving their problems the right way, by seeking a mediator. Hopefully their efforts will not only provide a blueprint but also inspire others to resolve differences in the same fashion. Job well done."
    - a newspaper editorial reflecting on the work of GPCC
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