Mediation Role-Play Practicum

KIPCOR is one of only four institutions in Kansas approved by the Office of Judicial Administration to offer a mediation role-play practicum. The Mediation Role-Play Practicum is offered in Core, Parent-Adolescent and Domestic mediation.

Role Play Practicum Shadow

The Mediation Role-Play Practicum provides:

  • Life-like role-plays
  • Review and orientation for each "session"
  • Role-play feedback
  • Practice using individual (caucus) and joint sessions for problem solving
  • Agreement-writing practice and review
  • Mentoring in all aspects of the mediation process and the profession
  • Comprehensive assessment of each student's readiness to practice mediation
  • Trained role-players who receive a stipend and orientation for their function in the practicum
  • Schedules arranged to fit the needs of the practicum student

Practicum Structure and Fees

  • Core: Each role-play session in the Core Mediation Practicum takes approximately 2 hours to complete, plus additional homework (including practice writing mediated agreements). Contact KIPCOR for current fees.
  • Domestic: Each role-play session in the Domestic Mediation Practicum takes a minimum of 4 hours, plus additional homework (including practice writing mediated agreements). Contact KIPCOR for current fees.



  • "Each encounter with the role-play participants felt like a meeting with real clients, as the participants created realistic situations and personas, and I was left feeling more confident about the mediation process and my ability to interact with clients on my own."
    - Jamie Smartt, 2010 Practicum Graduate
  • "With flexible scheduling, I was able to continue working in a full-time capacity while completing the required role-plays and receiving individualized attention from KIPCOR staff."
    - Janell Murphey, 2011 Practicum Graduate
  • "The mentor made me feel that my goal of becoming a mediator was attainable and she was going to do everything she could to help me. The critique given after each mediation role-play was invaluable as a growing and learning process."
    - Linda Childres, 2010 Practicum Graduate
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